As we keep our noses in the numbers, here are a few things that have been happening at Blackman & Sloop.

Blackman & Sloop Welcomes a New Team Member

Cindy Lott joined our team on January 4, 2016 as a staff accountant. She is assisting with trust returns.

Cindy Lott







Miss North Carolina Triple Crown

Blackman & Sloop was again the auditor for the Miss North Carolina Triple Crown preliminary scholarship pageant.

Cipher Escape and Semi Annual Company Meeting

The team at Blackman & Sloop had our semi-annual meeting this past January to discuss the coming year and firm strategy. We followed the meeting with an afternoon of fun which included participating in Cipher Escape.

In an effort to do some team building, we went to Cipher Escape where teams were “locked” in rooms and had to gather clues to figure out how to get out within an hour. Even though none of the teams got out within the hour timeframe, we learned a lot about teamwork and had a great time!

Cipher Escape #1Cipher Escape #2







Recent Sponsorships…

Blackman & Sloop are proud to have sponsored the American Dance Festival’s 2016 Pre-Season Celebration as well as the Child Care Services Triangle Child Care Awards.

New Wellness Committee 

This year Blackman & Sloop has established a Wellness Committee that is working on creating a work environment that supports healthy lifestyles and offers opportunities for employees to optimize their health and well-being. Their first challenge this tax season is to get everyone walking.  We’ve divided into teams and are tracking our steps and there is a walking club during the day to help get those steps in. The final prize is still a mystery!

Walking Club 1st Outing









Another Year Wiser… 

We recently celebrated two big milestone birthdays, Andy Pasetsky celebrated his 40th and Andrea Eason celebrated her 50th.

Andy 40th BirthdayAndrea 50th Birthday