We are in the heart of tax season. Our team has been working hard, but still managed to celebrate some birthdays and anniversaries and have some relaxing fun. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to this spring.

Promotions and New Hires

Nate Wicker joined our audit team on Feb. 4. Welcome to the team Nate!

Office Happenings

Tax season is well underway, which means plenty of stress, but we were ready with a full array of stress-busters! Not only did our staff participate in yoga and mini-massages, but also a firm-wide, weekly, fun decathlon event and a little March Madness!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and for the entire month of February, staff members delivered personalized conversation hearts to colleagues expressing their appreciation.

What would Tax Season be without food? On Feb. 8, we celebrated National Bagel Day.

Of course, tax season wouldn’t happen without each and every member of our great team. To honor them, on March 1, we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day.

Salud! On Feb. 21, National Margarita Day, we took a break from the craziness of numbers and spreadsheets to raise a glass to everyone’s good health.

Our Wellness Committee invited everyone to participate in the Plank Challenge from March 11 to April 14. That’s one way to help us stay active during this busy time of the year.

We’ve gone Viral!
On our new nonprofit website, we began posting videos to help answer some of those tough nonprofit accounting questions that you might have. Check out the first video, which features our very own Elizabeth Mauch, CPA, concerning employer-provided parking benefits. Videos

Employee News

Neely Turns 60!
Neely McLaughlin turned 60 on March 13.


Scott Hartman and Rob Lewis  2/11
Eva Borsodi 2/12
Joe Beaudin 2/25
Chris Elton 3/22
Alison Merkabah 3/8
Chad Huckabee 3/26

Work Anniversaries

Elizabeth Mauch, 3 years on 2/3
Vicki Hillis, 11 years on 2/4
Susan Fenwick, 1 year on 2/5
Stephen Lau, 2 years on 2/6
Lynn Merritt, 9 years on 2/8
Jen Lewis, 4 years on 2/23