No, you won’t have to pay taxes on health insurance paid by your employer!

But there is a new reporting requirement included in the new health care law that requires health insurance premiums to be reported on an employee’s W-2. Current law excludes health insurance from taxable income, and nothing has changed this tax-free employee benefit.

Will Your Health Care Be Taxed

There is a new W-2 reporting requirement beginning in 2011.  The new law requires employers to include the cost of health insurance premiums paid for employees on their W-2’s in an information box. 

You may be asking — what do I need to do now?  If you issue W-2’s and pay health insurance premiums for your employees, begin accumulating insurance premiums paid by employee starting in January 2011 so the information will be readily available for W-2 preparation when January 2012 rolls around.

Since the health care law actually continues the tax exemption on employer-sponsored insurance, why include a requirement that employers report the value of health insurance on the W-2?  Widely publicized reasons point out:

  • The new health insurance law will eventually penalize people who are not insured. The W-2 reporting requirement will help the Internal Revenue Service verify that people have coverage, both for themselves and their dependents.
     There is also a tax that goes into effect in 2018 on the so-called “gold-plated” health insurance policies—those policies that cost significantly more than the national average. The W-2 reporting will allow the IRS to more easily collect the tax.

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