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It’s not uncommon to come to a career page and find information about company culture, benefits and a commitment to the community. What sets us apart, however, is that it isn’t just something that you read on our website. It’s something everyone at Blackman & Sloop lives every day.

Our employees are actively involved in the community and we’ll encourage you to do the same. Our benefits packages are comprehensive, generous, and include offerings such as coaching and mentorship programs, career growth opportunities, and flexible schedules.

We take pride in our employees. In fact, we have been recognized six years in a row as one of the Best Accounting Firms to Work by Accounting Today and we have been recognized four times as a Best Employer in North Carolina by Business North Carolina.

The people at Blackman & Sloop will tell you they’ve found the perfect spot. Here, the stuffy and boring accounting firm stereotype is ancient history. The projects we work on are creative and challenging, the personalities of those who work here are unique and fun, and the office atmosphere is professional, flexible, and friendly.

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  • Blackman & Sloop is a great place to work. They are truly focused on helping their employees grow and develop professionally. Everyone I work with is down-to-earth and easy to get along with. I love that the partners are very approachable. One of my favorite perks is the flexibility that the firm offers. I live 36 miles from the office. If it’s not necessary for me to be with a client or at the office, I can choose to work from home. Since everyone works hard as a team, it is pretty much always possible to take vacation when requested.

    Nate Wicker
  • Working at Blackman & Sloop is an exciting adventure—no two days are alike.  One day I could be preparing a multi-state return for a national company, and the next I could be working on a personal tax return for a client who works abroad in Asia.  Rather than providing only compliance service, the firm takes a forward-thinking approach to client needs.  Our firm invests a lot of resources in preparing staff for dynamic work so that we are ready to give clients proactive insights throughout the different phases of their lives and business cycles

    At Blackman & Sloop, I am always offered the opportunity to seek new learning experiences and pursue work that I love.  The partners clearly value the relationships they have with staff of all levels.  They are open to feedback and always make themselves available to answer questions.  We have a great team here, and I look forward to working with my team on projects over and over again.

    Stephen Lau
  • When I was seeking an internship, I chose Blackman & Sloop over other firms because they made me feel like I was valued as an individual. Even as an intern, I felt able to make real contributions to the firm and not be just another face in a crowd of nameless interns. But the greatest benefit for me as an intern was definitely the incredible training I received. I gained invaluable knowledge and established strong, long-lasting professional relationships. The partners and senior managers do everything they can to create a positive work environment that fosters growth and success, both for staff and clients.

    Lexi Raphael
  • Over the past 20 years, I have worked in a few different places, but none of them even compare to Blackman & Sloop. When I saw the job opening for an estates/trust specialist, it was like a dream come true. And then when I interviewed, I immediately connected with several of the partners and managers. I could really sense the family-like atmosphere and comradery amongst everyone I met that day. Now, as an employee of the firm, I really feel like I have a daily stake in the company’s success. When the firm says they “pay it forward,” they honestly do, with their staff, clients, and community.

    Blackman & Sloop offers an awesome work-life balance, genuine and caring teammates, and a family atmosphere that most companies do not have. We have fun and get our work done while doing so! I have a long commute every day, but it is well worth it. Working for Blackman & Sloop will allow me to enhance and broaden my expertise to a degree that I never thought possible and learn from some of the best in the industry. Additionally, the client interaction is an extreme plus for me, as I get to connect with all types of people on a daily basis and assist them with whatever they need.

    I’ve been here for about six months now, and Blackman & Sloop is a place where I can see myself continue to grow, enhance my career, and contribute to a growing company. I am at a point in my career where I want to settle down and find a place where I can work until retirement. I can honestly say that I have done that here at Blackman & Sloop!

    Laura Bennett
  • Blackman & Sloop’s long history and its reputation made it an easy choice when I was interviewing.  The atmosphere at this firm is one that cannot be replicated. My co-workers are wonderful people to work with and I feel part of a true team. I’m impressed by how approachable partners and managers are, and I’m always comfortable going to more senior team members with questions and issues. Management is always willing to listen to ideas on how the firm can improve, and we receive a lot of training opportunities that help cultivate ambitions and career paths. Simply put, the firm is FUN and supportive!

    Joe Beaudin