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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Did you know that your organization’s data could be hiding answers to your operations and program management questions? Thanks to new technology, we have access to more data than ever. While many nonprofit organizations generate a lot of data, both financial and non-financial, few executive directors and finance managers understand how to put their wealth of data to good use. That’s where we come in.

Blackman & Sloop now offers data analytics services to our clients. We are excited to help you learn to take advantage of your historical data to help drive future operations and program decisions, reduce risk, and improve profitability.

When you partner with us, our goal is to help you gain unique insights that can be applied to build a more profitable, sustainable business model. Our data analytics services include:

Inspecting, Cleansing, Transforming, and Modeling – Our professionals examine and analyze data, transform it into usable forms and models, then interpret it and help clients use it to inform future decisions. We use the following types of data analytics:

  1. Descriptive Analysis – Analysis of past data to determine what happened and why, usually in the form of dashboards. This analysis is used primarily to track key performance indicators (KPIs), which describe how an organization is performing based on chosen benchmarks.
  2. Diagnostic Analysis – Analysis of the insights discovered in the descriptive analysis phase in order to root out the origin of the outcomes—determines why what happened occurred.
  3. Predictive Analysis – Draws on a data set and uses statistical modeling to predict and analyze potential future outcomes.

Fraud Management Reports – We analyze data to reveal fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access to information, duplicate vendors or employees, and more.

Support and Revenue Reports and Future Target and Goal Analysis – This is an analysis of contributions, sales, and program revenues to determine future targets and program services.

Data analytics is the key to making sure your organization is ready for the future. Ready to discuss with our experts? Contact us for more information.